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Lakeview Center for Urology: An Organizational Profile

Lakeview Center for Urology is a single physician practice with offices in both West Des Moines and Ankeny, Iowa. It was established in 1995 when Dr. Fawad Zafar relocated to West Des Moines from Pella, Iowa. The organization was developed as a way for Dr. Zafar to establish himself permanently within the state of Iowa, since prior to this he had worked traveling to small hospitals throughout the state. The organization employs a full time medical and administrative staff, and the billing for the clinic is outsourced to Medical Billing Services, located at 2213 Grand Avenue in Des Moines . The clinic also has a part time CRNA on staff to assist with outpatient sedation procedures.

Our Purpose

Our purpose as an organization is to give high quality care to both male and female patients in the specialty of Urology in Des Moines. Our services include diagnosis and treatment of bladder, kidney, and prostate cancer, treatment of interstitial cystitis, chronic urinary tract infections, benign enlargement of the prostate, erectile dysfunction, sexually transmitted diseases, male and female incontinence, male infertility, and male sterilization.

Our Values

Personallized Care – Each patient receives customized care, specific to their diagnosis and situation. We do not take a “one size fits all” approach to the care our patients receive. We treat the diagnosis and treatment of each patient with their individual needs in mind.

Flexibility – We operate our offices to meet the needs of the wide variety of patients we see. We have extended office hours, and are open Saturdays to accommodate all of our patients. We also accept most major medical insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid (Title 19). If necessary, we will work with a patient’s insurance company to get approval for a procedure.

Timeliness – We do not believe in making a patient wait. Whether it is for an appointment to see the doctor or scheduling a test at another office, we understand that our patients’ time is valuable. In fact, often established patients can be seen the same day they call in with an issue that needs timely attention.

Fawad Zafar, M.D., Medical Director
Lakeview Center for Urology

Fawad Zafar, M.D. has been in practice since 1985 and has been serving the Iowa community since 1996.

At King Edward Medical College he was the recipient of the “Most Distinguished Student” award and graduated at the top of his class. Upone completing his medical education, Dr. Zafar went on to pursue his urology training at Royal Shrewsbury Hospital and at Ealing and Hammersmith Hospitals in England.

In 1994, he completed a Fellowship in Endourology at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis. The focus of his fellow ship was in urinary and bladder stones, male and female incontinence, and male impotence.

Because of his passion to learn new and innovative techniques in urological care, Dr. Zafar has expertise in performing procedures for male impotence and male/female incontinence.

Dr. Zafar has published articles in both the British Journal of Urology and the Journal of Endourology. He has also co-authored a textbook of Endourology.

Dr. Zafar frequently presents lectures in the community. His topics of interest include Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, Impotence, Male and Female Urinary Incontinence and Kidney Stones.

Dr. Zafar has been an active member of the American Urological Association, American Association of Clinical Urologists, and Society of Laparoscopic Surgeons. He is also a Fellow of the Inernational College of Surgeons. In addition, Dr. Zafar serves on the Advisory Board of Bayer Pharmaceuticals.

Lakeview Urology Des Moines treats both men and women with a wide array of bladder problems ranging from incontinence to overactive bladder to bladder cancer. We also provide general urological services such as the management of urinary stones, urological cancer, prostate health and men’s sexual health.

We have always provided quality, compassionate care in the treatment of these conditions because we know of the impact the diseases have on your lives. We hope that you find our website to be helpful and informative.

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