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Vasectomy is a surgical procedure that is commonly referred to as sterilization of man or male sterilization. The result of vasectomy is permanent contraception. Once a man has undergone a successful vasectomy, it is not possible for him to get his partner pregnant.

In Des Moines vasectomy is an extremely common procedure and a growing number of males are opting for a safe, medical way to prevent conception forever without having to use other modes of contraception. Before you can understand how vasectomy works, there is a necessity to understand the process how sperm and semen are formed, circulated and then ejaculated.

Sperm is produced in the testicles of the male. It is consistently produced in millions and stored in the epididymis where the sperm develops and matures. Thereon, the sperms are circulated through the vas deferens and then onto the seminal vesicles. It is here that the sperm blends with the lubricating fluid known as semen. The mixture of sperm and semen is then circulated through to the urethra from where they are eventually ejaculated when the male has sexual intercourse culminating into an orgasm.

Vasectomy is a procedure where the vas deferens are cut off and tied to block off the passage of the sperm from the epididymis. As the vas deferens blocks the passage of the sperm, only semen gets circulated from the seminal vesicles to the urethra. After vasectomy, the fluid ejaculated or discharged by the male would only contain semen and no sperm.

However, vasectomy doesn’t lead to an immediate disruption of sperm supply to the urethra because a certain quantity of sperm has already been passed onto the seminal vesicles and to the urethra when the surgery takes place. Unless the already produced sperm gets discharged or gets absorbed by the body, there is a chance of conception. It may take a few days to a several weeks for males to use up the already produced and ready to be discharged sperm.

In Des Moines vasectomy is regarded as one of the safest and most surefire form of contraception.

In Des Moines vasectomy is looked at as an effective form of birth control. While that is true, the benefits of vasectomy are far beyond the obvious. There are physical, mental and social as well as health benefits of vasectomy.

It is fitting to look at the benefits of vasectomy in regards to child birth prior to the associated positive implications. Condoms are widely used to prevent conception and while it is a good protection to guard against sexually transmitted diseases and also to prevent pregnancy, it is not as effective as a Des Moines vasectomy procedure. Statistics have shown that chances of conception after a successful vasectomy procedure and once the sperm count has dropped to zero which may take a few weeks or a few months after the surgery, is nonexistent. Contrary to this, as many as 1,400 couples or more among every 10,000 using condoms end up conceiving. Thus, a primary benefit of a Des Moines vasectomy surgery is the surety that a couple will not conceive.

That helps in attaining mental peace. Without having any anxiety of conception, couples enjoy greater freedom and have a better and more frequent sex life.

Des Moines vasectomy procedures are much more cost effective that other birth control options. Investing consistently on condoms or oral contraceptive pills can be expensive. Vasectomy is a onetime investment with more effective results. Thus, you save money and get a better solution.

Oral contraceptive pills have been widely considered as unhealthy for women. They cause long term adverse effects which can take a hazardous shape in the future. By signing up for a Des Moines vasectomy procedure, a couple can ensure that the lady doesn’t have to be exposed to the ill effects of oral contraceptive pills.

Men who have undergone a vasectomy procedure report to be much more energetic and feel healthier than before. Also, there are certain types of vasectomy which are reversible. Thus if at any time, a couple wishes to have a child after the man has had a vasectomy surgery, it is still a possibility.

Lastly, Des Moines vasectomy procedures are often covered in insurance and there are federal or state programs which can substantially reduce the costs, hence making it even more affordable and desirable.

With no anxiety of conception, no hassles of carrying contraceptives everywhere you go and no ill effects of the contraceptives, vasectomy is indeed immensely beneficial for couples who do not wish to have a child or any more kids.


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