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Nearly 500,000 vasectomies are performed every year in the U.S., and most of the recipients end up as satisfied customers. Here are some common questions about vasectomy Des Moines received by your urologist, Dr. Fawad Zafar.

Does the procedure include surgery on the testicles?

No, the vasectomy is performed on the vas deferens, which is a small tube that carries sperm and is located away from the testicle.

Will my body change, i.e., my voice, demeanor, or sex drive?

A vasectomy Des Moines does not alter testosterone production from the testicle, nor does it affect sexual performance in any way. In most cases, neither the patient nor their partner is able to tell it has been done.

How will I know if the vasectomy was successful?

Because it can take a few months to “clean out the pipes” after the vasectomy, patients must continue to use other forms of birth control until they’ve had a semen analysis to prove there are no longer any sperm present.

What happens to the sperm?

They remain inside the testicles.

Can a vasectomy lead to testicular cancer?

Large studies have indicated that there is no increased risk for prostate cancer, testicular cancer, or any other health effects as the result of having a vasectomy.

Can the vasectomy be reversed?

Yes, it involves a rather complex surgery that is not always successful. But there are always sperm present inside the testicle so in vitro fertilization techniques are possible.

Will I be awake during the vasectomy?

That depends on your urologist Des Moines. Some perform the procedure while the patient is awake by injecting a local anesthesia into the scrotum. Others prefer to offer patients a light sedation medicine so they don’t feel anything during the procedure, which typically takes only about 15 minutes.

How long will my recover time be?

Discomfort after a vasectomy is typically minor. Most men will need to take it easy for a few days, apply ice packs to the scrotum and take an ibuprofen every 6 hours.

If you’re considering a vasectomy Des Moines residents should contact our office to schedule a consultation.  We’re here to answer any other questions you may have.




Couples who are contemplating upon vasectomy in Des Moineshave dozens of questions and anxieties. It is only natural to have queries and being worried about the impact of vasectomy on your sex life. The first step that any couple should take before indulging in vasectomy in Des Moines is, consult with a veteran urologist and also have a candid private discussion.

There are many questions that you would have in your mind. Would you be able to have normal sex after vasectomy in Des Moines? Would the man be able to have the adequate erection? Would he be able to ejaculate? Would there be any pleasure or passion in foreplay, sexual urge or any difference in orgasm? Would there be any changes to his manhood or manly qualities after vasectomy in Des Moines? What may be the potential or possible side effects of vasectomy?

These are just some of the many questions that bother any couple. The good news is that, vasectomy doesn’t have any such adverse effects. There is only one change that happens in the male anatomy after vasectomy. The tube that carries the sperm from the testicles to the penis is cut off and tied which prevents the sperm from reaching the penis. As a result, a man would be unable to father a child. In other words, a couple wouldn’t be able to conceive.

One may wonder that cutting off the sperm supply will affect sexual drive or will affect ejaculation. The reality is different. Sexual drive is not dependent on whether the sperm reaches the penis from the testicles. Sexual drive, erection and similar effects of arousal are caused by stimulation which is facilitated by blood flow and flow of oxygen. The procedure of vasectomy in Des Moines doesn’t change any part of the male reproductive anatomy. The blood flow is not interfered with, the nerves and sensory organs all function normally and sperm is also manufactured as normal in the testicles. Thus, a man would have normal erections, normal arousals and would be able to perform all sexual activities as he would have done before.

Second, a couple may be anxious about the ejaculation or the quantum of fluid being ejaculated. This is also not affected because sperm only comprises 2 % or less of the total ejaculated fluid. The rest is semen. Vasectomy doesn’t have any effect on semen production or ejaculation.

The bottom line is that once one undergoes vasectomy in Des Moines, sex life would only get better since there is no anxiety of conception.


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