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Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Health concerns are a major part of health culture these days, and with diseases and medications at an all-time high it’s difficult to tell what may be harmful and what may be beneficial. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, or BPH, is the enlargening of one’s prostate, often causing problems with urination such as painful urination or frequent urination. Although it is a health problem and not normal, it fortunately does not lead to or increase the risk of cancer in an individual.

The causes of BPH remain largely unknown, as most experts think that there are a large amount of factors but can’t be precisely nailed down to one or a few causes. Many think that testosterone and other related hormones may be the cause to an enlarged prostate, but there isnt enough evidence to support that just one hormone is the cause. There is some evidence that with age there seems to be a higher risk of BPH, but again that varies, especially due to locale. The number of BPH cases in Western or more industrialized civilizations is exponentially more than those who lead a more rural or traditional life. Even cities nearer to rural areas but still lead a western lifestyle are far more likely to experience BPH. The causes remain unclear and much more research must be done to positively identify the causes of BPH.

There are a few different treatments for BPH, alpha blockers and inhibitors. The alpha blockers relax smooth muscle in the prostate and provide urine flow again, clearing the blockage. Some common side effects are orthostatic hypotension, nasal congestion, and weakness. The inhibitors reduce production of a hormone that enlarges the prostate, often with side effect of decreased libido and other related dysfunctions. When used together, the aplha blockers and inhibitors can cause BPH to become acute urinary retention, and sometimes surgery is even needed to remove the prostate in these cases. The surgeries usually use new laser technology to remove part of the prostate throuhh the urethra. While there are some other remedies available for BPH, the alpha blockers, inhibitors, and surgeries are the most used in the US.

While there is no clear cause or clear cure for BPH, there is comfort in knowing that it isn’t particularly fatal affliction. It can almost always be remedied with surgery, but at a price some men aren’t willing to pay. Though BHP isn’t a cause for cancer, it’s still a very real and very troubling concern for men.



Every portion of this procedure went very well. This was my first experience with lithotripsy and the installation of a stent. Believe I have had a very positive experience..little discomfort and/or pain and everything proceeded as it was originally described. Everyone involved was helpful, communicative and direct. Facility in Manniong, Iowa was first class as was it’s personnel.

-Richard W.

“Everyone was great! Very helpful and the procedure was painless. I was very nervous and everyone was very understanding. Thank you!!”

-Jim C.

Dr. Zafar was extremely professional. He made me feel comfortable during the entire procedure. He called with genuine concern for a follow up. It was good to see a doctor that was personable and caring. Oh, and the procedure went fine and was successful. God Bless

– V.E.

“My treatment at Dr. Zafar’s office was very friendly and efficient. In fact, I was in ahead of my scheduled appointment. The reception area as well as the treatment room was very neat and warm as well as spacious. My patient/Dr. relationship has always been professionally excellent with Dr. Zafar as well as Nurse Marilyn.”

– S.Z.

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