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Kidney, Ureter, and Bladder Stones

Stones in kidney, ureter and bladder can prove to be quite detrimental to the health of many individuals. Considering that there are a wide variety of different uncomfortable symptoms associated with stones in kidney, ureter and bladder, finding the appropriate method of treatment can be quite advantageous. Alongside ailments such as a urinary tract infection and gall stones, urinary stones are incredibly common throughout the entire population.

The majority of urinary stones are generally classified as per their location within the body. As an example, kidney stones are found in the kidney, ureter stones are found in the ureter and bladder stones are in the bladder. Another way that they are classified is by their chemical make up. Some stones may be composed out of calcium, uric acid, and a variety of other compounds which can help doctors to determine what type of stones a patient may have.

The majority of individuals who experience stones in kidney, ureter, and bladder are generally men between the ages of 30 and 40. With the ample amount of symptoms associated with urinary stones, the majority of individuals are able to determine that they have acquired this particular ailment. Some of the symptoms include:

  • Renal colic (intense pain)
  • The urgency to urinate constantly
  • Restlessness
  • Nausea
  • Sweating
  • Vomiting

Unlike a variety of other urinary conditions, urinary stones are an incredibly difficult and painful ailment to have to live with on a consistent basis.

Alongside the symptoms there are a variety of different ways that individuals can contract stones in kidney, ureter, and bladder. The majority of individuals who have incredibly low fluid intakes and high intakes of animal products will be more likely to develop urinary stones throughout their lives. With the implementation of protein, sodium, sugar, fructose, corn syrup, apple juice, and soft drinks, the probability increases drastically. Considering that calcium is the most prevalent feature to urinary stones, having the opportunity to eat the required recommended amount of calcium per day can be far more advantageous.

There are an ample amount of individuals who contract stones in kidney, ureter, and bladder. Whether it be a man, a child, or a woman, having the opportunity to acquire immediate medical attention will help to ensure that the pain does not affect the daily life of the individual. With the appropriate course of treatment patients are provided with the opportunity to easily pass the stones within a limited amount of time.



Have treated with him for several years for suspected kidney stones, bladder control, ED and low testosterone. Always takes as much time as needed to answer questions and suggest solutions. Had one unsatisfactory side effect from a surgery years ago, but I was told about the possibility prior to surgery and took the chance. The office staff and nurses are always efficient and friendly. 

– J.V.


“Quick clean and professional. dr. zafer concerned about the patients wellbeing and recovery time and even followed up with a personal phone call.”

-Sam B.

I came to see Dr Zafar with prostate problems. He spent time with me and listened to my issues patiently. I like his demeanor and bed side manner. After some testing he found the cause of my issues and started me on medications. With in a few days I saw an improvement and am doing very well. I will recommend Dr Zafar to other patients.”

– P.B.

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