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Lithotripsy for Breaking Kidney Stones

Lithotripsy is a common procedure designed to break up kidney stones. Lithotripsy is a shock wave that is directed at the kidney stones so they break and allows the patient to pass them through the urinary tract.

When this procedure happens, the patient may need sedation or local anesthetic. The patient lies on a cushion that is filled with water. The surgeon will utilize x-rays and ultrasounds for precise locations of the kidney stones in the patient. The Lithotripsy is aimed at the stones and elicits a sound wave through the body and breaks the stones into small pieces. This does not cause harm to the body. These pieces are then able to travel through normal urinary means to be excreted from the body.

Lithotripsy for breaking kidney stones works in 90 percent of patients afflicted with small kidney stones. Small stones are categorized as those that are less than ten millimetres. These stones can be located in the kidney or ureter for treatment. Often times, there are no other symptoms associated with treatment from stones of this size.

There are some risk factors involved in Lithotripsy for breaking kidney stones. The first is that passing the stone pieces can cause some pain. Urine flow can be obstructed by the stone pieces post treatment. Patients have also developed urinary tract infections and bleeding that occurs outside of the kidney.

It is important to know that Lithotripsy for breaking kidney stones is not a replacement for kidney stone preventative measures like hydration. It also does not work very well on cystine kidney stones. These stones are difficult to break and do not react much to Lithotripsy for breaking kidney stones. Since the procedure is safe, it can be used on children and people who only have a single kidney. This procedure needs to be avoided by patients with pacemakers unless otherwise instructed by their cardiologists.

Lithotripsy for breaking kidney stones is an outpatient procedure, making it easy on the patient. People with kidney stones often experience nausea, urinary flow problems, pain in the back, pain in other locations, vomiting, blood during urination, and can also develop infections.

Kidney stones are serious, but for people with smaller kidney stones, Lithotripsy for breaking kidney stones is a great alternative to surgical intervention. Kidney stones can pose lots of risks for people and a great deal of pain that should not be ignored.



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