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Urodynamics refers to a patient’s incontinence, function, and efficiency levels of the bladder. It is the study of the bladder and its functions. Often, Urodynamic testing is required when the bladder is not functioning correctly.

Urodynamics focuses on urine volume capabilities. Urodynamic testing is needed if there is a blockage, leakage, overactive, or weak. These can all be treated using either medical treatments or surgical treatments.

The frequent test that is performed is a “stress test” of the bladder. This is test that is painless to the patient, is performed on an outpatient basis, and is fairly short. The testing will measure function of the bladder from holding volume to strength of muscles. This allows doctors to make the correct diagnosis for the patient. There are four parts to a Urodynamics test.

The first is the Uroflowmetry test. This is where the strength of the bladder is measured. A person voids their bladder completely and then the remainder is measured in the bladder to know if there is anything left. This gives doctors a sense of strength or weakness of the bladder and pelvic muscles.

The second test in Urodynamic testing is the Electromyography. This is a test in which the patient is outfitted with electrodes on the body. These measure the pelvic muscle activity during filling of the bladder and urination. This allows doctors to know if there is a blockage somewhere in the urinary tract.

The third test is the Cystometry test. The bladder is filled with water and the sensation is measured. This test looks for muscle contractions that are abnormal. It can also look for leakage, total capacity of the bladder, and signal transmission to the patient’s brain.

The final Urodynamic test is the pressure and flow study. This test is going to tell doctors how much pressure the bladder must exude to begin urination and maintain it. This tells the doctors if muscle strain is required to adequately urinate which can indicate many serious problems.

Many people suffer from urinary problems. Testing for them is easy, fast, and does not require sedation of any kind. This makes examination easy for the patient and allows doctors to know if there are serious problems with the patient’s urinary system. Urodynamic testing has come a long way and now provides answers to many puzzling questions. It also allows the appropriate treatment for patients, which often, does not required surgery.



All things considered, it was a great experience. Very minor pain during the procedure, and Dr. Zafar made the experience go very smoothly.

– G. B.


Dr. Zafar was extremely professional. He made me feel comfortable during the entire procedure. He called with genuine concern for a follow up. It was good to see a doctor that was personable and caring. Oh, and the procedure went fine and was successful. God Bless

-Justin Sands


My treatment at Dr. Zafar’s office was very friendly and efficient. In fact, I was in ahead of my scheduled appointment. The reception area as well as the treatment room was very neat and warm as well as spacious. My patient/Dr. relationship has always been professionally excellent with Dr. Zafar as well as Nurse Marilyn.

-Charles C.

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